I talk with a computational biologist

and ask her when we can go to the movies again!

I’ve been extraordinarily fortunate again in lining up a stellar guest for the podcast: Dr. Christin Glorioso, a computational biologist.

Dr. Glorioso is currently leading the X-Prize competition for the best prediction model for Covid19 cases in the USA.

Here’s a look at the most recent chart plotting her prediction model and the actual case numbers:

My podcast is usually focused cultural matters - but, what is affecting the culture more than the pandemic?

Where to listen & subscribe

Please tune in and listen to the episode. You can listen on megaphone.fm, or on Apple podcasts, or wherever you normally get your podcasts.

I found the discussion very enlightening - and a reason for optimism. Perhaps “normal” life might be returning sooner than we’ve been preparing ourselves for?

So even if you’re this guy:

Or these guys:

I hope you find this discussion worth your time.

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