Preview of "Thompson Heller" issue #3 cover

And Charlie Kaufman eats the newsletter

Announcing - Issue 3 Cover for “Thompson Heller: Detective Interstellar” by Matthew Dow Smith

Renowned cover artist Matthew Dow Smith does the cover for issue 3 of “Thompson Heller: Detective Interstellar.” The third issue is now listed in the PREVIEWS catalog and you can pre-order it now. This is the mini-series finale, and it’s filled with tons of amazing visuals by artist Dave Chisholm and colorist Fabian Cobos.

Charlie Kaufman Eats the Newsletter

So far, Milton’s Comics & Culture Radar has been a resource for finding new things to read and watch. This week we don’t have many new recommendations because the hardworking staff here at the “Radar” have been completely immersed in the 700 page concrete brick of a novel “Antkind” by Charlie Kaufman. I’m still too early in the book to render any judgements, but, so far, I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

Quick Radar Pings

  • Unpregnant (HBO Max) is a coming-of-age comedy drama in the vein of Midnight Run. It features a breakout performance by Barbie Ferreira: she’s funny, smart, vulnerable - and has incredible on-screen chemistry with Haley Lu Richardson.

  • Love Fraud (Showtime) - I’m only 2 episodes in, but it’s a thrilling, engrossing, true-crime story of a romantic fraudster and identity thief that manages to routinely one-up itself with clusterf*** after clusterf****.

  • Marvel’s new Iron Man written by Christopher Cantwell laid down its mission statement with issue #1. Cantwell seeks to strip the comic down to basics. Bringing some “Iron” back into “Iron Man.” It’s off to a promising and focused start. Look forward to seeing it progress.

Pulls of the Week

  • Irredeemable OMNIBUS

  • Autumnal #1

  • Engineward #3

New Podcast Episode with @Nerdguru Pete Johnson

This week, on the podcast, my guest is Pete Johnson. Pete was one of the best - if not the best - practitioners of the sweet science of the “Fantasy Movie League” game, where users attempted to use their box-office-prognostication skills to compete for fantasy theater league dominance. I grill Pete on how he broke the game and vaulted to the top of the national rankings in the game.

Tweets of the Week

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