Announcing "Thompson Heller: Detective Interstellar"

+ updates on "EFP" and "OW:WOTW"

“Thompson Heller: Detective Interstellar” is a 3-issue sci-fi miniseries about a private detective who travels the stars solving mysteries, written by me, with art by Dave Chisholm and colors by Fabian Cobos.

“Heller” will be published this year by Source Point Press and Comics Experience Publishing. I learned how to write comics in the Comics Experience workshop, and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn how to write, draw, color, or edit comics.

We’ll be updating you with more info throughout the year as the publication date approaches. For now, keep an eye out for the June previews catalog which you can use to tell your local comic shop to pre-order. The series’s three issues are currently planned to be released in late September, October, and November.

This mini-series introduces the character of Thompson Heller, who specializes in cases that have a political or moral dimension. He's known throughout the galaxy as a prominent atheist, but the woman he's falling in love with is a religious academic.


Comic artist Renton Hawkey and I have a fun side project, “Event Fatigue Podcast,” about a gruff podcast host interviewing characters from the world of comics. In the latest episode, our special guest is The Joker from the Nolanverse films:

You can view the whole episode on Instagram.


You don’t think we’ve forgotten about this guy have you? Thank you for your patience and support - stay tuned - BIG NEWS is in the works for our favorite broadcaster/alien-fighter.

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