Thompson Heller: Detective Interstellar #3 - IN STORES TOMORROW!

The mini-series finale + a soundtrack + bonus newsletter this week!

The third and final issue (of the first arc) of Thompson Heller: Detective Interstellar hits stores this Wednesday! We’re particularly proud of this issue.

This one's off the chain, out for lunch, insane in the membrane, and culminating in a visual symphony of madness that'll leave you wanting a sequel - or my name ain’t Nathan Arizona!

After a few cases that were pro bono (voluntarily or involuntarily), Heller’s got to pay some bills and take on a high-dollar client. This chapter is a crescendo in an important pivot-point in our space-gumshoe’s personal and professional life. This concluding chapter delivers hellacious contributions from the entire creative team: Dave Chisholm’s art and Fabian Cobos’s colors are truly next-level.

And although this wraps up the first arc, this won’t be the last you see of Thompson Heller. Stay tuned for more on this in coming weeks.

The official “Thompson Heller” Playlist - now on Spotify!

We’ve compiled three hours of space noir grooves for your listening pleasure. When you’re reading this comic series, this music is the perfect soundtrack. There are some deep cuts here and several artists you’ve probably never heard of before - this is also sonic fuel for creative folks - put it on while you get into the flow on your next project.

In-depth discussion on the journey to making this book

The generous Daniel Kaufman of The Electric Agora invited me back onto his program to discuss several dimensions of comic book creation - from industry-wide trends on storytelling, down to the minutia of how Thompson Heller was produced. Daniel prompts a fantastic discussion with his probing questions and makes me look far smarter than I actually am. Please check it out:

Bonus special newsletter edition coming soon: